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Small living requires big thinking

July 5, 2017 No Comments

Even more space? For example, you can move. But financially this is not always the best option. Moreover, often from a familiar environment to leave and any children have to go to another school. You will then have to do with the space you have. So This article is about the possibilities you have when you live small. Renovation is one of the possibilities, but certainly not the only one. Will not you grow you can already small changes should allow a much bigger.

 Color in a small space

Color has a major impact on a space. Besides that determines the atmosphere in a room, it also affects the spatial feeling. In a small space it can often feel stuffy. To prevent this, you choose airy, cool and light colors. These colors increase the spatial effect. Light colors are important because they reflect and emit light. Also have chosen to use. Minimize different colors If the furniture the same color as the wall they fall away, as it were. This makes it seem like they take up much less space. Finally you can make patterns on the wall. This can wallpaper, paint or wall stickers. Vertical patterns make a room seem higher. Horizontal motives make a room appear wider correct.

Lamps and light in a small space

Light has a lot of influence on a space. There are different types of light that all have a different effect on a room. There are three kinds of light. Accent lighting, basic or mood lighting and diffused light. Accent lighting is designed to illuminate one particular place. For example, an office or a painting. Basic or ambient lighting creates backlighting in a room. Diffused light goes in all directions. To give a small space a more spacious effect instance, you take a standing floor lamp that you focus on the wall. The wall should be white in color or, if you do not like white, light color. To get even more of a feeling of space is very important daylight. It provides a spacious, fresh look in a small space. In order to get as much natural light is important that you do not put a windowsill full of big, tall plants or other decoration. The windows shall be free to leave. Every daylight Decide on a light or sheer curtains.

Setting up a small space

A small living room
The rules for color and light as described above. Valid for a small living room In addition, the floor space is important. Make sure you see as much floor space and the floor also has a bright color. It is therefore important that there is not too much on the ground. This gives a spatial effect. The same goes for any gear and rubbish. More than anything right and let nothing sway. Choose easy and smart storage. So you do not like to throw anything away, but it is not in sight. When it comes to furniture you choose for light, not massive furniture. Think of an extendable table or a compact armchair. Do you want something else, you can opt for a hammock chair or a folding chair. Finally, there are more radical ways to create more space. You can grow. You create space for example to build. Conservatory or bay window In addition to the literal space that is created will also come in more daylight.

A small bedroom
The bedroom generally has two functions. Namely sleeping and storing clothes. Especially when storing clothes you can save space. Choose a bed which is storage. This may belong to the bed frame itself, but it can also be created by crates on wheels to put under the bed. Is it a wardrobe, choose a cabinet that comes to ceiling and sliding doors. This way you have the most storage space and you need not take into account the rotation width of a door. Instead of nightstands, you can also make shelves above the bed. This gives a spatial effect. For a child’s bedroom, it is especially important that you choose furniture with storage. A bench where you can store or even stuff in a box of stuff that you can sit down. Choose bed and a loft bed. This ensures that there is more space for belongings or to play. Choose for the older child for a sofa bed. For the bedrooms, of course, is also true that it is important to use bright colors.

A small bathroom
A small bathroom does not mean it can not be true you have some time for yourself and where you can relax a place. The first tip is to use. Mirrors The mirror reflects the light making the room seem visually larger. This gives a very large spatial effect. You can kill two birds with one stone if you choose a mirror where light in it. There are also some other tips that contribute to a spatial effect. Do not choose proof walls. For example, go for a glass shower enclosure. Do not use too many accessories. This gives a messy effect. To keep the floor free it is wise to go for. Floating bathroom furnishings Opt for furniture with multiple function. Think of a sink where a box is located below. Will you finally do a bath, go for a corner bath. Of course it is important that the use of bright colors and care here is sufficient daylight in this room.

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