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Energy Efficient Homes Vs. Green Building

July 8, 2017 No Comments

What’s happened to the term energy effective home? I read the best definition of an energy efficient residence by Dennis Crook. He’s built energy efficient homes since the Carter Administration in the 1980’s. His definition of an energy efficient residence follows:

“The energy-effective residence acts as a smooth-functioning machine in which the equipment produces as a lot, if not far more energy capacity than needed to operate the perfect human environment, including air quality, moisture conditions, temperature, and lighting. The perfect energy-efficient property retains the greatest environment for human habitation while minimizing the cost of energy.”

Thank you for this easy explanation! I finally comprehend what an energy-effective house is.

But, what I do not get then is what green constructing means?

I hear men and women suggest growing grass on my roof. Wouldn’t I will need a flat roof? I heard flat roofs will need repairs more frequently, once every ten years. That is much more than pitched roofs. Where will I put the soil when it wants repaired? When it needs mowed how does the mover get onto the roof? I already have sufficient lawn to mow.

Won’t there be added weight on the constructing from the soil and moisture from rain? I would be concerned about molds forming from the moist soil. I undoubtedly do not want my walls created out of straw bail. What happens if a tiny hole occurs in the wall? That’d be a great nesting location for rodents. What occurs if there is a fire, straw will instantly spark appropriate?

Has everyone actually thought through the term “green building”? Or was the term developed as a new marketing ploy to sell goods? I think I’ll stick with my residence becoming energy efficient. At least I realize what it means and won’t have to rebuild my home. Energy efficiency is a series of modifications you can make to your residence to make far more efficient then what is it presently operating at.

I recommend you check out Energy Efficient House Articles. It is a Great resource internet site that will explain and tell you how to make your home a far better operating, more effective, cash saving, unit.

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