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How To Select A Decorative Table Lamp

July 15, 2017 Interior Design No Comments

The decorative table lamp and other lighting fixtures in its portability differ. This allows the homeowner to transfer the lamp around an area to supply only the desired lighting effect to distinct spaces. This lamp has several components. It’s a foundation that may be manufactured from various substances. It can be even plastics, stainless steel […]

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Energy Efficient Homes Vs. Green Building

July 8, 2017 Interior Design No Comments

What’s happened to the term energy effective home? I read the best definition of an energy efficient residence by Dennis Crook. He’s built energy efficient homes since the Carter Administration in the 1980’s. His definition of an energy efficient residence follows: “The energy-effective residence acts as a smooth-functioning machine in which the equipment produces as […]

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Small living requires big thinking

July 5, 2017 Interior Design No Comments

Even more space? For example, you can move. But financially this is not always the best option. Moreover, often from a familiar environment to leave and any children have to go to another school. You will then have to do with the space you have. So This article is about the possibilities you have when […]

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Have a Simple Green Life – It All Starts With a Green Home

July 3, 2017 Interior Design No Comments

A home which is green is constructed and run keeping environment in mind. With the danger of global warming becoming more pronounced with each passing day, the average family members needs to do their part to make as minor effect as possible. A simple green life really should be the 1st step. The greener your […]

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